Networking solutions
We provide the following networking solutions:
Network design, wired and wireless. Network installation, cabled and WiFi Network repair, increase network speed. Improve network security. Data recovery, data backup. True protection against viruses and spyware. Removal of complex viruses and adware and VPN solutions. Web-based remote access. We assist in sizing effort and pricing for the network part of projects. We install secure and scalable network devices. We provide corporate training also.

Home Networking
Today‚Äôs home networks go far beyond the sharing broadband Internet connections. They provide the more convenience, data security, communication, and entertainment options to every room in the home. If you’re thinking about getting a cable modem connection, you may run into a problem: everyone in your house will want to use it. And so to preserve domestic harmony, you’d be wise to connect, or network, your home’s computers. Why? So that everyone can tap into your new broadband connection at the same time. The process isn’t without headaches, but the payoff is worth it.

Business Networking
Maybe you need one printer to work with multiple computers. Or you want to send documents from office to office without copying them to a disk or running them off on your printer. Perhaps you want to invite all those customers and colleagues to contact anyone in your office Online and exchange documents and drawings. A more affordable option for businesses is a peer network. Unlike a LAN, a peer network doesn’t require a dedicated file server. Instead of being connected to a central computer, all the computers are connected to each other, and thus can send and receive data directly to and from any other computer on the network.